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"What We Treat" ​


We practice Medical Detox as part of the rehab system. When you sudden stop taking those drugs and drinking alcoholic, you will feel different. You will experience physical and psychological withdrawal syndrome. It could be anxiety, depressions, flu like symptoms and extreme cravings.

Medically supervised approach will help you manage this untoward situation and it could actually be a success.


Each of the affected individual has someone concerned too. It could be their family, friends or even acquaintances. Thus comprehensive treatment must start with those core relationships.

We cater family education, in multi-family groups and effective therapy that the family member could execute. Moreover, we seek professional health care provider to draft and carry out this approach.


Treatment approach is based on scientific success and advancement. We promote development of new neural pathway as we focuses on the brain healing. We implement constant intervention to eliminate triggers and cravings a patient may undergo.

Also we support individuals to share their self understanding. From there, we we’re able to target self-destructive and negative self concept so we can correct and help them.


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