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Signs of Meth Abuse and Addiction

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Crystal MethKnowing how to spot signs and symptoms of meth abuse and addiction and taking action to intervene as soon as these symptoms show up can save the live of a person and the sanity of the person’s loved ones.

Meth is not a new Drug. Invented more than one hundred years ago, it has enjoyed an interesting history. But few drugs have caused as much misery, world-wide, as has Methamphetamine.


When someone begins to abuse methamphetamine, the first signs will probably be mood changes. Laughing at nothing, extreme talkativeness, sudden absence of some trait such as moodiness or shyness.


Then, the direct opposite at other times, increased introversion and shyness, with morose or sullen and even depressed behavior.


After a while with repeated use, changes in sleeping habits and in eating habits will appear. The person may begin to look drawn from poor rest and poor nutritional habits.


Nervous and fidgety behavior will come next. These will increase as the drug Addiction progresses until full-blown paranoia emerges in the addict.


Somewhere around this point, the addict may begin to hallucinate or have delusions. These can be pretty bizarre, such as people living under the house or neighbors spying with high tech cameras mounted on a cat or something equally far-fetched. These delusions will seem totally plausible to the addict. Mood swings from euphoria through fear and high aggression might occur with rapidity.


Obvious physical signs of meth abuse include:

·        Needle marks on arms and legs or anyplace a vein can be found

·        Redness around nostrils and mouth from sniffing caustic meth powder

·        Open sores from scratching on face, arms and throat

·        Sunken eyes from long term insomnia and increased physical activity


Tremors and convulsions can result with long term use or with short term use in heavy doses. The user can collapse and death can result from seizures and Overdose.


If your loved one is exhibiting these signs and symptoms of meth abuse or addiction, they need help. Although the addict may not believe there is any danger, the worst thing to do is nothing. Death or permanent injury can occur at any time with crystal meth addiction.


Visit methamphetamine addiction help for info and advice. Visit today and call for help.  


For help with Meth Dependence and Addiction, call:

Call Toll Free: 1-855-REHAB-CENTER or 1-855-734-2223

  Tony Bylsma


Definitions of Terms Used

Addiction Strong physiological, emotional and/or psychological dependence on a substance such as alcohol or drugs that has progressed beyond voluntary control. For more on addiction see the section Addiction Information in this website. 
Drug Any substance, other than food, that changes the function or structure of the body or mind when ingested. Drugs essentially are poisons. The degree they are taken determines the effect. A small amount acts as a stimulant. A greater amount acts as a sedative. A larger amount acts as a poison and can kill one dead. This is true of any drug. Each has a different amount at which it gives those results. 
Methamphetamine A commonly abused, potent stimulant drug that is part of a larger family of amphetamines. 
Overdose The condition that results when too much of a drug is taken, making a person sick or unconscious and sometimes resulting in death. 

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