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Aug 15

Don’t Wait For an Addict to “Hit Bottom”

Posted by Tony Bylsma in Untagged 

Flower on StoneI heard it again today.

 I was talking to a woman who is trying to get her son into treatment but he won’t go.

She said, “I guess he will just have to hit bottom before he’ll accept anybody’s help.”

 I asked her if she knew what the bottom is. What is the point at which this boy will decide that drugs aren’t worth what he is experiencing? Where does he have to end up and how desperate must the situation get for him to say, “I need help”?

 The woman didn’t have an answer. Her son

lives in the spare room and gets laundry done and three squares. He won’t ever feel a need to change at that rate, not unless he gets a really bad scare, an Overdose or loses a friend.

 I told her of a few people I know who hit bottom. One is in a psych ward and two are six feet under.

I wasn’t trying to shock her or even motivate her. I was honestly trying to give her a dose of reality. The “bottom”, can be the end. When we talk about drug addiction and abuse , it too often is.

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Right, but...
written by Wrangler, December 04, 2010
How can I get him to see that it will kill him to keep using drugs? He doesn't hit any bottom, he just keeps getting worse!
I cant even talk to him when hes high and that is all the time.

Wrangler Norene

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