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How About a Little Perspective?

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PerspectiveI spoke to a woman who called looking for treatment for her son. Apparently her son, 25 years old, is living in the house, rent-free, and using Heroin daily.

Things had come to a head when he was arrested and the parents had to bail him out. They are now paying for his legal defense...

We discussed his treatment options and went over the physical and psychological aspect of Addiction. She told me the son wanted to enter rehab right away and all that was left was to settle the logistics.

I made an appointment to call her the next day and when I did, there was no answer. I tried again and again and finally reached her on her cell.

She told me they had decided to take a vacation instead! The funds for treatment would be used on a trip to Cancun or some other such place and the kid would come along and they would all “grow closer” on the trip. Yeah, that’s a trip alright.

This kid has a life threatening addiction that is going to get worse until he finally quits. Does she really think she can handle heroin addiction with a day at the freakin’ beach!

Lady, put this in perspective. Open your eyes and look at the degradation and destruction caused by addiction to drugs, especially a Drug like heroin.

Then call me back, ‘cause I won’t be calling you.

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