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Is Drug Rehab Necessary?

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Young girlI helped a young man with his Heroin problem about two years ago. He wouldn’t go to treatment, just refused to check himself into a Narconon center or any center. He wanted to just do it himself and asked if I could help him.

I refused, but finally agreed and started visiting with him twice a week. After a couple of months, we switched to once every week, then twice a month, etc...

This is not a stupid kid, he is a very talented artist, but his talent was wasted on heroin and before that, several other drugs. He was very naïve, though. He’d been told (by his pusher) that smoking heroin is not addictive, only when you use a needle can it really take hold of you.

Anyway, he has now been off H for two years

Is this a success story? I don’t think so.

Now he lives inside his mother’s house and only comes out to buy groceries or get the mail or an occasional trip to Starbuck’s. He hasn’t been creating on his art. He is a sculptor and makes incredible ceramic figures, statues, etc. But not anymore.

This young man is off of heroin. But is he rehabilitated? No. 

Rehab, or rehabilitation, actually means to put back into a former, able condition. To have abilities and functionality restored. Anyone can just take a person off drugs, just lock them up and don’t give them any drugs. But that handles almost nothing

A rehabbed person is able to go out and live a life, one that has meaning. The fully restored Drug addict is no longer weighed down by his or her Addiction and the problems that went with it. They can move on.

The goal is NOT to simply stop the drugs. The drugs were merely symptoms of what was happening underneath, what was going on inside

And THAT is what true rehabilitation handles.

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